Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Repetition Portrait

For this assignment I copied my head and repeated it to make myself looked like a messed up giraffe.

Dispersion Effect/Shattered Picture

For this assignment I used the magnetic lasso to cut out the guy jumping. I then copied that photo 3 times behind him and used a splatter eraser to make it look dispersed.

Zombify Yourself

For this assignment I used images of cuts and bruises and placed them on top of myself, I then used a low opacity brush to make it look almost natural. Next I changed the hue and saturation of myself to make it look decayed and dead. I then added a background image.

Celebrity Photobomb

For his assignment I used a photo of Messi that was facing the right way and moved it and erased it so that it looked natural.

Colorized Drawing

For this assignment I drew a picture of a character. I then used photoshop and used the paintbucket tool to fill in all of the blank spots.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Photoshop Makeover

For this assignment I used a low opacity brush to go over my hair and eyebrows to change the color, but make it look as normal as possible.

Top 5

Cartoon Head On Regular Body
Cartoon Version Of Masterpiece
Creative Blurring
Hybrid Creature
Movie Poster Assignment